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Pafos 2017
Pafos 2017

Official Opening Concert of the European Capital of Culture – Pafos2017

As a European Capital of Culture in 2017, Pafos celebrates the Opening of this occasion with a concert by the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra focusing on the region’s myths, legends and, not least, its very own goddess: Aphrodite or Venus. A musical journey featuring Aphrodite, Adones, Arodafnousa, Pygmalion and Galatea, whose myths and legends have inspired composers and artists to produce timeless masterpieces. Deity, beauty and love are the focus at the opening concert of PAFOS2017.

T. BATESON: “Dame Venus hence to Paphos go” (orch. Α. Baltas)
H. DESMAREST: Pasacaille from the opera Vénus et Adonis
J. J. CASSANÉA DE MONDONVILLE: excerpts from the opera-ballet Les fêtes de Paphos, op. 10
Α. BALTAS: Arodafnousa – Fantasia on a Cypriot Medieval melody for orchestra
H. D. RAMENTI: La Valse de Venus
F. von SUPPÉ: Die schöne Galathée (The lovely Galatea): Overture
F. LOEWE: My Fair Lady – suite (arr. R. Bennett)

Actor: Andreas Tselepos

Conductor: Alkis Baltas

The concert is part of the official programme of the European Capital of Culture – Pafos2017

Booking & Event Information

Paphos: Sunday 29 January
Apostolos Pavlos Gymnasium, 20:30

Entrance free

Information: 22 463144,