Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility refers to actions taken by Organizations, with aim to contribute towards the handling of environmental and social issues. Large organizations are entities intrinsically connected to the social environment in which they function, influencing and being influenced by the times as well as the environment of their activity. Therefore, they ought to recognize their due responsibility towards society and the environment; to respect the principles and the values that shape our culture, such as human rights, human dignity and equal opportunities, environmental sustainability, social welfare and quality of life. Both the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra and the Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra are such organizations, whose contribution is neither limited nor restricted to music and artistic activities, but extends to the wider social reality through a wide range of approaches.

As of 2017, the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra Foundation places on a new basis its social contribution, by establishing a framework of Corporate Social Responsibility through which a specific cause will be adopted every year, with aim to highlighting social issues, raising awareness and providing support. This year, our Symphony Orchestras will be supporting premature infants (pre-term newborns) and will try to help these “miracle babies”, by contributing to the visibility of the issue of prematurity. In Cyprus, one out of ten children is born prematurely, something that places the island in the 13th place internationally, according to the World Health Organization. You will find more about prematurity and the activities of our Orchestras related to this issue, in the next edition of our magazine and, of course, on our website.