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The opera the Abduction from the Seraglio (Die Entführung aus dem Serail) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was written at a time during which prejudice against different cultures and religions was beginning to ebb, and the West was aligning itself with this reality through the Arts. This opera is a carefree, open-minded work from the Age of Enlightenment. It’s a story of love, courage and forgiveness; a cheerful and hopeful opera, in line with the spirit of the Open Air Factory.

The work helped realize Austrian Emperor Joseph II’s long-standing wish for a German-language opera to be staged at Vienna’s Burgtheater. And indeed: the premiere, to a libretto by Gottlieb Stephanie, adapted from Christoph Friedrich Bretzner’s play Belmont und Constanze, was given a thunderous welcome on July 16th 1782.

In contrast to the hitherto imposing Italian operas, the Abduction essentially belongs to the singspiel genre: a kind of light, German opera, characterized by spoken dialogue alternating with ensembles, songs, ballads and arias, usually in strophic form or with a strong folkloric element. Light or imposing however, the work, one of Mozart’s favourites, had a huge influence on the subsequent development of German opera in general.

Organised and administered by: Pafos Aphrodite Festival Cyprus
Produced and presented by: Teatro Giuseppe Verdi di Pisa – Parma Opera Organisation C.E.F.A.C.
With the participation of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra

The summer Palace of Pasha Selim, Turkey, around 1700 AD. The Pasha buys, as slaves from pirates who’d captured them, Konstanze and her maid Blondchen, as well as Petrillo, a servant of Konstanze’s fiancé, Belmonte. It’s not long however before the Pasha falls in love with Konstanze, while the overseer of the palace, Osmin, develops similar affections for Blondchen. Two years go by, and Belmonte arrives at the palace to rescue his fiancée and the others. He introduces himself to the Pasha as an Italian architect and puts into practice an escape plan. In the meantime however, it is clear that the women have changed, having forged strong relationships with their captors…

There will be a simultaneous translation into Greek and English via subtitles

A. Mozart: Die Entführung aus dem Serail (The Abduction from the Seraglio)


Belmonte: Fabrizio Paesano, Marc Sala
Konstanze: Olga Fomichova, Yuliya Poleshchuk
Blondchen: Paola Cigna, Maria Sardaryan
Pedrillo: Edoardo Milletti
Osmin: Duccio Dal Monte, Davide Procaccini
Bassa Selim: Roberto Adriani
Chorus of Janissaries: Coro Lirico Città di Rimini “Amintore Galli” with the participation of Cyprus Choir
Artistic Director: Massimo Taddia
Conductor: Daniele Agiman
Stage Director: Leigh Holman
Set Designer: Franco Armieri
Chorus Master: Matteo Salvemini
Chorus Master for the Cyprus Choir: Ayis Ioannides
Costumes Designer: Mirella Ranzani
Lighting Designer: Paolo Casati
Stage Manager: Vittorio Regina

Booking & Event Information

Paphos: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 1, 2 and 3 September 2017
Medieval Castle, 20:00

Ticket prices: €25, €40, €50, €70

Information / bookings:, 26 822218,