Within the framework of their Corporate Social Responsibility, the Cyprus Symphony Orchestras dedicate 2018 to the fight against bullying and aim to bring awareness and sensitize the public about this phenomenon which in the past few years has, unfortunately, reached enormous dimensions.

Government bodies and non-profitable organizations carry out a significant number of actions and organized efforts, in every modern and civilized society, so that this phenomenon is prevented or treated effectively and, if possible, be permanently suppressed. Our Orchestras could not be indifferent towards this phenomenon, as it is apathy that maintains and strengthens it further. Zero tolerance, therefore, with everyone joining forces against bullying. It’s our responsibility!

Bullying refers to any kind of physical or psychological abuse or demeaning of the weaker people within a group. It appears in all ages and sociological groups, at any place. The World Health Organization has recognized bullying to be a “major problem for public health” and can occur in all environments such as schools, workplaces, friendly and family environment and generally in the society, with a bigger outburst at places where there are minorities of people with different directions, political levels, habits, sexuality etc.

Bullying involves three basic kinds of abuse: relational, verbal and physical and the tactics with which they are applied, vary. Individual bullying tactics can be perpetrated by a single person against a target or targets, whereas collective bullying (known as mobbing) relates to collective bullying tactics employed by more than one individual against a target or targets.

School bullying is perhaps, nowadays, the most significant kind of bullying as it takes place during the tender childhood ages when the kids and the youth form their personality, causing complex effects on children’s mental health. Therefore, many programmes for managing bullying at schools have been designed and the 6th of March has been designated as the Word Day against School Bullying.

More about the activities of the Orchestras for sensitization of the public regarding the phenomenon of bullying, in the next magazine issue.