Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra

Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra
Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra

With over 80 members of ages 9 to 26 years old, selected through auditions, the Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra, is the most important youth music ensemble of the country. As a full member of the European Federation of National Youth Orchestras (EFNYO), it functions according to the highest artistic standards, promoting music, training young musicians for professional careers and building future audiences.

The CyYSO presents 4-5 major programmes per year attended by approximately 5,000 people. The 5 permanent ensembles of the Orchestra perform in about 30 events every year, including the opening of the annual State Educational Fair, international conferences, the Prize-giving Ceremony of the European Schools’ Competition, and various other state, community or beneficiary events.

During its 27-year history, the CyYSO has given hundreds of concerts in Cyprus and abroad, covering a wide range of repertoire enjoyed by many thousands of people. The orchestra has toured in countries like Italy, Turkey, Greece, Israel etc.

Past Artistic Directors / Conductors of the Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra have been Michalis Stavrides and Ayis Ioannides. Since January 2013, after a pan-European competition, this post is held by Yiorgos Kountouris.

The Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra offers numerous services to Cypriot young musicians including:

  • Scholarships for the Music School which is a vital part of the orchestra and provides specialized training in instrumental studies by highly skilled professionals
  • Participation in high quality artistic performances in Cyprus and abroad including Symphonic music, Opera and Ballet.
  • Active engagement in its Summer and Spring Music Academies at the mountain resort of Pedoulas.
  • Career development information supporting their decisions for further music studies.
  • Opportunities to apply for International auditions for the European Union Youth Orchestra and the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra.
  • Engagements in collaboration projects including competitions, awards, mobility schemes, exchanges and master-classes.
  • Experience of practical work in a Symphony Orchestra, collegiality, solidarity and sense of collaboration with other artists.
  • Wide range of social and intercultural activities connected to rehearsals and live performances, positively influencing and empowering young people’ s personality.