Music School – FAQs

Which instruments are taught?
All instruments of a symphonic orchestra are taught. Piano is not taught.
Does a child need to have any previous experience to enter the school?
No, previous experience is not required.
How do we register?
Please fill-in the form in the Registrations section on our website, under the Music School. You will then be notified of the interview date with the Artistic Director, who will then meet you and your child in person and decide whether the child can enter the school.
What ages are suitable?
The scholarship is offered for children from 5 years old until 18 years old.
How much do we have to pay?
The Foundation covers the 75% of the scholarship fees and the parents the 25%. The tuition fee per month is 48 euros including the Theory lessons that are compulsory.
Does my child need to attend the Theory Lessons?
Yes, Theory lessons are part of the scholarship and are scheduled for students of ages 7-15 years old.
Who will teach my child?
The Music School’s teachers are highly educated pedagogues who are selected through pan-European competition. They are either members of the CYSO or extra musicians of the CYSO.
How often do the classes take place?
Theory lessons take place once a week and instrument lessons twice a week (45 minutes each lesson).
Where do the classes take place?
In Nicosia, all classes take place at the Ethnikon Odeion Kyprou, and in all other cities at the Music Lyceum of each city (Larnaka, Limassol and Pafos).
How do I schedule the timetable of classes?
Once the child is selected to enter the school, you will be sent your teacher’s contact details and you will arrange the timetable with the teacher directly.