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Chamber Music Concerts with musicians of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra


Tchaikovsky considered his String Quartet No. 2, completed in January 1874, his finest work, as attested to on two occasions: In a letter to his brother Modest, dated October 1874, he wrote: “I regard it as my best work; no other piece has poured forth from me so simply and easily”, while in a later letter to his patron, Nadezhda von Meck, he noted that “I wrote the music to “Vakula” with affection and with delight, just as I did the Second Quartet”. It was in 1887 that Wolf wrote his Serenade in G major, a work that by April 1890 he started referring to in his letters as “Italian Serenade”. It is one of his few works other than Lieder.

I. Tchaikovsky: String quartet no. 2 in F major, op. 22
Wolf: “Italian Serenade” in G major

Anna Wrobel (violin), Ayşe Karaoğlan (violin), Ewa Bartmann (viola), Miranda Papaneocleous (cello)

Booking & Event Information

Nicosia: Saturday 29 April
Pallas Theatre, Paphos Gate, 17:00

Limassol: Sunday 30 April
Papadakeion Municipal School of Music, 17:00

In collaboration with the Papadakeion Municipal School of Music and Limassol Municipality

Ticket prices:
€5, €3 (children under 12)

Ticket presales:

Pallas Theatre (Regenis and Arsinoes corner, Nicosia 1010, 22 410181)

  • Online at
  • Box Office, Wed 16:00-19:00 and 1 hr before the concert

Papadakeion Municipal Music School (Acheon and Christophorou Georgiou corner, 3600 Limassol)

  • 1 hr before the concert

Information: 22 463144,